But sometimes buying something used with confidence is hard if you don't know a lot about the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing used. 

  • making sure the phone is clean
  • that the imei is clean
  • that their are no apple or google locks
  • and simply will everything work as it should

Get a new phone and peace of mind as well. Contact us and see how easy it is to upgrade your old device today. 

iLabs will talk with you to find out what device will work best for your needs and then we will locate a great device within your budget. No fuss no muss. No searching for hours through craigslist and worrying about meeting someone to purchase the device and then only to have locks on the phone or functions not working properly. Our phones will come with a 6 month warranty that will cover any issues that arise not due to accidental damage once you have taken possession of the device. So if the speaker or camera or even lcd fails (aside from accidental damage or water damage) we will repair it! 

Still using an iPhone 4 or 5? Or maybe even a flip phone? Would you like to get a newer phone but just cant afford $1000 or more? You don't have to buy new to get a great new phone. Just like buying a car when you drive it off the lot the value drops dramatically but the car is still in great condition. 

​​Looking for a new phone but don't want to pay new prices? Let us help you find the right phone for you.